Echo360 in Australia / New Zealand (ANZ)
Lectopia was acquired by Anystream Apreso in 2007 and the two entities subsequently formed Echo360 Inc. Since this time, there has been continued minor development on the Lectopia product for existing customers by the ANZ-based Echo360 team; however, as of 2009, Lectopia is no longer available for purchase. It has been replaced by our next generation product called EchoSystem. While the principles of the two systems are similar, the EchoSystem offers some key differences including more flexible capture options, a rich media player environment, and web-based editing.

Please visit the Echo360 website (www.echo360.com) for more information about EchoSystem. The following links may be of particular use: Note: This website is primarily maintained for existing Lectopia customers to access Lectopia Community resources including software updates and technical notes. It also supplies contact details for the ANZ-based Echo360 (Lectopia) team.
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